Digital Wave


Whereas "The Wave" tries to find the synthesis between organic design and mechanized drawing, "Digital Wave" tries to find a mechanized wave done by mechanized drawing. The generative process for this is identical to that of the sister piece except for instead of continuous jumps for a natural effect, this uses discrete jumps for a digital effect. 

This is drawn mechanically with a robot, making it look hand drawn. 

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Our Thesis is Simple: Artificial Intelligence combined with visionary design can create art that is worthy of the future, today. Our design process combines artificial intelligence elements such as generative design along with classical design iteration. The resulting outcome is beautiful generative jewelry, robot drawn AI paintings, and more.

How We Create Robot Drawn Art: 


All Advanced Artifacts are developed by using a combination of iterative 3D design, generative design & 3D Printing. Each piece of AI Art is crafted to customer specifications through the combined efforts of 3D Printing, Rapid Investment Casting & Finishing and sent to your door within 10 days of order and confirmation of size. We are dedicated to leveraging the combined power of AI Created Art & Generative Design to create art worthy of the future, today. 

  • Designed Everywhere, Made in South Korea. 
  • Born From The Mind, Made with Machines. 
  • Italian Imported Precious Metals. 

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