The Blurring Line Between Art & Technology

Technology from Art, Art from Technology.

Advanced Artifacts, Inc - A weird name right? Many people ask us why we chose this combination of letters to define ourselves. What does 'Advanced Artifacts' even mean, anyway? Well, contrary to what some would imagine, we did not choose this name because it sounds cool- (even though it does in fact sound cool) . We have chosen this name because, for us, it represents our highest ambition; which is to combine timeless beauty, functionality, and technology together into products that are worthy of the future. Into products so worthy in fact, that these works, in the event that they be dug up by a team of archaeologist from the year 3500, would be placed in the future equivalent of an art museum or gallery. In order for our products to reach such a level of permanence and significance, we deemed it essential to bring together art & technology. 

When you consider the subject of Art, what comes to mind? Is it a painting? A sculpture? Or perhaps a song which gave you a sense of reverence? For many, the answer is: All of the Above. And who could fault them?! For generations, the term 'Art' was something everyone understood, but the term was simultaneously hard to pin down, and difficult to define, specify or articulate. Art, like many things in life, is something you know when you see it.  Art in it's truest sense, is a combination of feeling, form & phenomenon, or the amalgamation of many things which create something that must be experienced to be understood. To recognize art, one must let go of their analytical mind & interface with the timeless, subconscious understanding of beauty and creativity. That ability to understand is deep within all of us, built in through millennia of subconscious imprinting from nature.

 Technology on the other hand has forever been perceived as the opposite of art. Technology, according to Wikipedia, is incredibly well defined. Known as "the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives", - Technology is anything that helps us get done what we want to get done at an ever increasing rate of frequency and efficiency. This bleak, fundamentally utilitarian definition has been thoroughly honed through generations of effort ever since the industrial revolution. Under common understanding, art and technology are about as compatible as oil and water. An old wise man once said that “The Chaotic Mind Creates Art, and the Analytical Mind Buys Art”.  At best, the most one could expect from the interaction from these distant relatives would be the development of technology which had the ability to facilitate artistic conception- or artistic flare which enabled or inspired new technology. Or at least that was the case until now. 

Here at Advanced Artifacts, we feel it is important to marry art & technology together into something new.  We believe that a balanced use of these disciplines can realize incredible dreams and inspire generations to come. We are not the only ones who feel this way; All of the great makers in the 20th century & so far in the 21st, understand the symbiosis of the art & tech. For example, what would your favorite song be without the mix & mastering tech that audio engineers use to ensure the instrumentation is articulated fully ? Or what would your favorite movie be without the optical engineering tech that enables such high definition imaging? We believe that art & technology are two sides of the same phenomenon- the phenomenon in which man & its tools ontologically connect to organize inanimate matter into something  organized & meaningful. Where something inconsequential is imbued with substance & therefore, significance.  It is our mission to develop products which showcase the essence of that truth. 

 We recognize that a slow but steady revolution has been brewing in respective worlds of art and tech, where the competencies of one have transmuted themselves to the other, and vice versa. We are entering a new age; wherein disciples which formerly kept their distance from one another, are merging together to manifest new realities. We are seeing the first generation of artist born out of technology, where their tools are not only chisels and brushes, but also pixels, voxels and 3-D printers.  Examples of this are turning up with increasing frequency, from the artists who have embraced new manufacturing technologies to achieve and do more, now that they can realize their visions more accurately, many times faster. While at the same time, researchers and technologist are observing and deconstructing the fundamental elements of art, and recombining the pieces as mathematical algorithms, which in turn are used to cultivate artificial intelligence systems which generate patterns, shapes and materials formerly impossible to realize. These machine driven algorithms are leading to oddly beautiful innovations in the world of manufacturing and product design- informing new shapes of shoes, cars and just about everything in between. 

 We are now in the first throws of the new generation of artistic creation- where the technologist and artist are two sides of the same mind- each borrowing skills, tools & techniques developed by the other to craft new objects and products which would’ve been incomprehensible without the other & impossible any time before today. It is therefore self evident that the line between art & technology is blurring. This blurring line foretells the story of fundamental changes which represent tremendous opportunity for the creator, the maker, and the purchaser to experience new levels of self-actualization- where who they are is articulated clearly & accurately with what they create & consume. It will start with simple things, our art, our jewelry & our devices- but will march forward until almost everything we own & consume has, in some way or another been augmented to our unique wants - through the combinatoric forces of art & tech working together to deliver something unique, for & in some cases by you. 

 These changes in how creative works are imagined and subsequently created, are what inspired our team to embark upon the journey of delivering new products to our fellow humans; ones that were born out of ideas and inventions of the now. At Advanced Artifacts, our motto is “art from the future, that you can experience today” – which is a simple way of saying that we are dedicated to using today’s cutting edge technology to realize our highest & most forward looking ambitions for art; wearable and otherwise. We aspire to give each person who purchases our products a feeling of inspired ambition, and we hope that feeling compels them to create their own magnificent future reality, without compromise, by harnessing all of the potential of the present. We invite you to join us on our journey by exploring our products & spreading the word of our mission & vision. Thank you.


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