Manifesto for Advanced Artifacts

When you purchase art, wearable or otherwise- do you do it to 'keep up with the Jones's'? Or to have the same status symbols from the same brands, in the same style as everyone else? We didn't think so... When you purchase art, you showcase your unique style &  individuality.. You're showing the world who you are while simultaneously showing the world who you are not. And if there is one thing for certain, it's that YOU ARE NOT A CLONE. You are making a statement & expressing your values, not simply buying fancy things! In the event that you’re like us, those values include innovation,  sophistication & individuality.

But more often than not, luxury brands fail to create anything of the sort. Most luxury in fact is not original, let alone compelling... But somehow, they attempt (and often succeed) to justify overcharging for their products based solely on brand names & logos. More often than not, this results in design that feels copied and mass manufactured. Consequently, everything looks like everything else… resulting in you looking just like everyone else far too often.

But if you're here reading this, it's clear that you see through the smoke and polished mirrors, and intuitively know that art is meant to be innovative, not in lock step with everyone else, competing for cool points.  

You understand that the purpose of art and jewelry is to evoke a sense of self actualization. You don't want to be anyone other than the hero you are & you don't need the status logos to prove your worth.

Advanced Artifacts recognizes that. Which is why we refuse to allow our customers to be trapped by the trends or limited to what is easily reproduced. This belief system led us to develop a radical brand aesthetic, one based on creating the future, rather than looking to the past. We combined our vision with impeccable artificial intelligence & precision manufacturing to create inspired generative design crafted to your specifications of size, shape and material.

When you buy Advanced Artifacts, you’re not just buying art.. you’re buying into our mission to enhance the world of art & design through groundbreaking designs & uncompromising engineering. With our work, we hope to realize a world where every art piece is customized to be as individual as it’s wearer. One where it’s cool to be a true individual. We hope that within our collections of generative jewelry & Robot Drawn Artwork you find something that speaks to the creative leader inside of you.

Choose a piece that speaks to your aesthetic. And once you’ve found the perfect piece, customize it to your size and choose a unique material. Feel secure knowing that we make each product just for you, never mass manufacturing our work.

We hope that through our products, you experience a renewed sense of creative power & individuality. We are certain that you’ll turn heads & gather attention in all the right ways by looking like your best self - instead of looking like everybody else.


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“Finite players play within boundaries; infinite players play with boundaries.” 

― James Carse, Finite and Infinite Games