Advanced Artifacts is your one stop solution for the development of new physical products. We specialize in helping individuals and organizations realize their visions for the future by helping them take their ideas from insight to invention.  

Good ideas are powerful, and they all deserve an opportunity to shine. Our mission as an organization is to support the development of products worth making, without overcomplicating the process.  

Regardless of your stage of development, Advanced Artifacts supports you by meeting you where you are, and working diligently to get you to the next stage of your development & Beyond.

Joseph R. Douglas, CEO & Chief Designer- 

Joseph R. Douglas is a designer and entrepreneur with experience in everything from magnetic levitation and control to jewelry design. His depth and breadth of experience has molded him into a passionate and empathetic creative who puts his spirit into every project he works on.  

With years of experience taking ideas from conceptual to commercial, Joe is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about understanding, articulating & realizing new ideas. His life goal is to support the development of 10,000 projects - for everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds.  

Creativity & Ingenuity is not limited in availability. Everyone has a brilliant idea buried in their minds. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the tools to bring their creative vision to fruition. With Advanced Artifacts, Joe intends to change that, by making new product development easier & more modern, so that all the world's people can bring their ideas to life.